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Brown shingle roof showing a dormer which looks like a small house popping up out of the roof.


 Pop up from the main roofline, like a small house with walls, roof, and windows. Dormers provide light, added space, and ventilation to the topmost spaces in the house.

Side view of the house showing the different names of the eave with numbers that correspond to discriptions listed alongside of the image

Eave Detail

The edge of the roof that runs horizontally across the facade, comprised of the rafter end used to construct the roof. Eaves may be opened or enclosed, with lots of,litte, or no overhang.

1. Roof

The upper exterior surface of the home.

2. Fascia

A flat horizontal band around the roof's perimeter.

3. Boxed eaves

An overhang enclosed with a soffit that runs horizontally from the eave edge to the side of the building.

4. Cornice

The decorative section just below the roofline. The cornice may be simple or ornate depending on the building style.

5. Rake

The pitched edge of a gable roof. Rakes may be closed or extended from the building to allow for the overhang.

Magnified area on roof showing the angle of the roof known as a hip.


A change in roof direction where two planes meet at an angle to make a vertical ridge or fold. ( the opposite of a valley )

Magnified area on roofline that shows where two roofline meet at the bottom of the pitch.



A change in roof direction where two planes meet at the bottom of their pitch to make a valley with two steep slopes running up and away from each other. ( the opposite of a hip )


The degree of slope, steepness of the roof from the ridge to eave or vally.

Roofline showing a side view of a roof with a 30 degree angle known as a Low Slope

Low Slope

A roof angle or pitch that is less than 30 degrees.

Side view of home showing a roof pitch of more than 45 degrees.

Medium Slope

A roof whose angle or pitch is from 30 to 45 degrees.

Side view of home that shows a roofline of over 45 degrees.

Steep or High Slope

A roof whose angle is more than 45 degrees.

Do you know that most water problems on any roof come from penetrations in the roof?

 Chimney flashings, vent pipes or fans are common examples of areas that are vulnerable to water infiltration. These should be inspected regularly, and repaired or re-flashed as required.

  These are relatively simple and inexpensive repairs that prevent larger more expensive problems in the long run.

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